Is it wrong? Seriously??

Is it really true that certain activities could only be done by a couple? When I questioned so, I was branded as innocent… but… seriously? I had been to movie with my guy friends before… okay, technically speaking, I was with several female and guy friends, but still… I do not see the why-not for a guy and a girl to watch a movie together, being platonic or flirtatious…

And what more important, it is the person you went out with that make all the matter better or worse. If you are going for a movie with a soft guy (not from my mouth, mind you), it is actually okay and be taken consideration as platonic friends hanging out and have fun; however, if you went out with a guy with a romantic relationship, most people might scrutinize your reason being with him… Ironic, is it not?

My point of view is that we can do whatever we want when we do not care about all the thoughts swimming around in other people’s mind… with that, whatever position you are in, you are carefree and just enjoy yourself to the maximum… Nothing is wrong unless proven with concrete evidence…



放在那儿已有一段时间了。。。终于今天可以抽空看了一部, 《百变狸猫》。。。看了有点无奈耶。。。无论是团结或分离,那些可怜的狸猫还是无法捍卫自个儿的家园,只能眼睁睁的看着它被人类所摧毁。。。 那束手无策的心情,铁定不好受哪~~~



Living in simple bliss

Bliss? Definition of it varies… Some people would like it grand, full of posh and glamour; others might want it full of trials and challenges. Me? Just simplicity is enough for me….

Yesterday, in “Tuesday with Morrie”, Morrie was asked about how would he spend his perfect day if he could have 24 hours of great health. His reply is just to undergo an ordinary life as he always did.

Calvin asks Hobbes: if you have a wish, what would you ask for? – A big sunny field, in which Calvin shouted with disapproval, “A big sunny field?! That’s it? You should ask for something like fame or riches” but seeing Hobbes lying on the field, purring with contentment, he just could not argue with that…

Perhaps I am not as ambitious as you; perhaps I’m not as tough as you; perhaps I’m not as rich as you… but I am contented living my life as it is now – without too much worry

I remember… I forgot…

I remember death in someone else’s memory, but forgot the one that happened in mine…
I remember the unbreakable bonding of theirs, but forgot the one that should be kept ringing in my head…
I remember to tell their story of 12 years, but forgot my dearest one who had lost his for 25 years at least…
I remember then and I regret now for fogotten the sorrow that he is enduring…
That is still sometimes fresh and sometimes vague in mine…

February? Fabulous~~~

February had been an exciting one to boot: had quite a number of gatherings, food adventure, best movie of the month, new environment and just plain awesome…

GATHERINGS (Not by orders):

1. Bowling session with Su Ming, Lilian and Yee Fong

The day after Valentines, bored at the residence in Krystal Point, so asked them out for bowling. For a first-timers, Su Ming and Lilian did fine… My first time getting a 3-digits figure in bowling (Penang). Cool~~~ Also bought all necessary and two not-really-necessary stuff, but was satisfied of not getting bored to crazy… ^O^

2. CNY meeting with Yen Cheng, BK and Xin Yee

Still a regret not asking prior taking decision. Always had my schedule slot set out straight and nicely; but, this time round, I might had been a bit side-tracked. Never thought it would be this way. Alas! I was unable to meet up with Yee Min… Miss her lots~~~ but then again, I have to still say grace to meet up with him again after a year plus plus…

3. Karaoke session with Chee Leng, Yee Fong, kim Keok, Grace and Ken Nee

That was my first time having karaoke session with them. Usually, it is only Yen Cheng and I. The result was a bit out… perhaps with them (those that I hardly met), it is better to have the gathering in a restaurant. Reason? Well… most of the time we would then be singing, no? Yeah… that was what I thought…



Initially I actually wanted to see another movie, but as reviewer, Yen Cheng, said that I LOVE HK is much more hilarious, I went for it… alone… haha… No problem with that…

Hmmm… it shows the reality of Hong Kongnese, trying to survive and how closely knit is a community, especially in those new villagers (direct translation)… how a misunderstanding turns two friends into enemies (actually only one felt so, not knowing the other did so for his friend)… anyhow, it was a happy ending for all, as a CNY movie should be… it sure has its realistic moments combined with lots of laughter. Like it~~~

2. Burlesque

My my my~~~~ Love this a lot… the best cabaret movie so far seen… plot is simple: a country girl who seeks fame for herself, landing herself in a club called Burlesque, sang her way to stardom, was in a complicated relationship which turns good in the end and save Burlesque from bankruptcy… Simple, yet the cabaret performance was splendidly drew all over the scene.

Song piece that I love, especially the lyrics is none other than “Haven’t seen the last of me” sang by Cher. She sang beautifully, with emotions pouring out of her. You felt the vibe, the energy and the inspiring moment… all when you heard her sing. You could say that this song was made for her exclusively. I bet nobody could sing like her, such a nightingale. As the only movie clip that has the full song is quite dark, I will just show you the one with the lyrics…

You know that Malaysia’s movies that contains sexual indications will be taken out, right? What I love about this song is it is playful yet still could go through all the process without being censored. Love the pearly dress-up as well…


The rest of the songs are good as well… you could check them all out in Youtube. just type in Burlesque and you should be able to see all of their movie clips ^O^


1. TGI Friday @ Queensbay Mall

Gave Chee Leng a treat for her help getting my new job. We had a Friday’s Three for all, Sizzling Chicken & Shrimp and Candied-Orange margarita.

2. PHOP @ Queensbay Mall


3. Agua @ Straits Quay

For Daddy’s birthday (well, one day after), we went for Agua @ Straits Quay. Had a savoury feast that filled our tummy to the max.







Spicy Sweet Pepper & Tomato soup





Mushrrom Paprika, Taragon and CreamBaba GanoushAlbondigas (Savoury Tomato sauce with meat balls)




















Creme brule with dark chocolate, berries, strawberry with strawberry ice-cream

 Don’t forget the drinks we had as well. Dad had the Morrocan mint tea, me the apple lemonade and Brother double shot of expresso.




Morrocan Mint Tea Apple LemonadeDouble-shot expresso


Orange slices with Red wine, cinammon and clove


The stated dishes below are the main courses we had.

Mousakka (Ratatouille Type with lamb meat served with savoury salad without creamy dressing)

Pork Medallions

the fish dish


Desserts-wise, we had ORANGES IN CARAMEL WITH RED WINE, CLOVES AND CINNAMON and something like creme brule but with dark chocolate, strawberry, berries and strawberry ice-cream…

Tea, tea, tea, tea, tea~~~

Man, I was in for coffee (sometimes) and milo (most of the time) and tea… But, I am going to talk about tea today as it bugs my mind recently, especially on their modern display…

For all these while, mamak teh tarik (the pulled tea) had been very popular among all people of all ages and races and of course occupations – college student, university students, uncles, football maniacs and etcetera… At that time, it was simple. Just some tea with some condensed milk and that was it. Some replace the milk with real fresh milk though and some added ginger or cinnamon to it. You should try…

Oh okay, perhaps there are many other types of tea going on at the precise era as well, such as Chinese tea and not to forget about the Englishman tea… But hey, I am talking about popular tea right now? That, in a way, appreciated by all races and ages disregarding of whatever-nots… ^^

Now, in came the modern tea, which are likeable among younger generations, other ages as well, but I** hardly see them… In Penang, there are 3 tea stations that had evolved…

No1: Blog @ Prangin Mall 2nd Floor just outside of S&J Gift Shop – Still quite simple at that time. It is the exact thing that Taiwan bubble milk tea has: flavoured powder, tea (red, green or milk) and ice. Additional add-ons are like nata de coco, pearls and jelly. What I know about it, okay? This is just about the tea part. Nothing else (like Italian Sprite Coke, Chendul blog, Yogurt… nothing of that) TEA ONLY… Can have it occasionally, but not all the time. the flavoured powder is not good…

No2: Happy La Tea @ Queensbay Mall 2nd or 3rd Floor (just beside Maybank) – Much evolved and natural… I love the pandan jelly milk tea and also the red bean pudding milk tea. Yum~~~~ The taste is just nice, not so sweet and you get to chew on all those stuff, like red bean, jelly and all… but, the most evolved creation that they have of tea section is the cream puff cake milk tea. Okay, the name might be a bit out-of-track, but it is really like eating cake oh! They called their tea as “Dessert-drink” which is so true. Here are a few pictures of their creation:

puff cream cake milk tea

Red bean pudding milk tea

Sorry, but I did not take the picture of pandan jelly one (it is called the pandan milk tea). Love it… It is my favourite…

No3: Chatime @ 1st Avenue just outside of Red Box @ Cloud 8 – I tried only once, but it was really an enjoyable moment. Could have try it several times more. I am a person who loves chocolate more than strawberry… On that day, they have a promotion for strawberry. Skeptical, but willing to try, I ordered the Strawberry Pudding Ea Lait… I think that is what it was called. The experience could not be described in words, but, seriously, I do not hate strawberries then. Haha… ^^ No picture though… was busy slurping on the exciting beverage… Hoho…

Modern tea lovers, you should try it out when you are in Penang… That is for all this round…

… Quite different…

What? It has been like second week of my new job. Initially, i was already told that I would need to follow the public holiday and the working hour of the countries that I am supporting.

My bad for not checking the calendar before I agreed to come into work on the 1st of february. Therefore, i already had my heart prepared for not being able to celebrate CNY, although it is not like i am getting any red packets anyway…

Unexpectedly, I was told to go along with Malaysian public holidays and working hours until further notice. Better still, on the eve of CNY, we were even allowed to go back 1 hour earlier. Woohoo~~~~

The ambience and environment are all quite new to me. During my previous work, i was in a team; yet as my partner and I (yes, only “partner” without s) were in charge of different area, it seems like we were owners of respective areas. This time, it was really in a team, no doubt. a team of maybe 20 (have yet to count those in Barcelona yet)

Other than that, i eat with my team members here more often  than then. Most of us are in either the Tiger year or the Rabbit year. Mostly, Rabbit year… Also, seems like the pace is slower here than then. I remembered the first when I walked a bit faster, a colleague enquired me whether i was famished. LOL

The systems here are also definitely different from before. i was a bit stressed at the beginning; but, now, a bit better. Hopefully, i could handle it… that is all for now…

New Phase Begins Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a whole new phase for me.

Tomorrow I am going to work in another company.

Only yesterday did I found out that the route I had been visualize might be incorrect… OMG! I guess there is nothing to do now but to scout the area today…

Anyhow, it is goodbye work of the past and hello to work of the near future… (Crossing fingers) Hopefully nobody would take me for a fool (due to me doing any foolish antics)…

But by all means, it is a good start… I guess… Ganbatte ne for tomorrow onwards~~~

Hooray and Ouch~~~ (17-23 Jan 2011)

Monday (17 Jan 2011) : My fellow colleagues were so kind to treat me for my farewell. I really had no idea upon their enquiries. Perhaps I was still dumbfounded by the Friday Lunch at Azuma. ^^ So, one of my colleague drove us to a restaurant called ” Double Good”. I think they should change their name to “Triple Good” as the food there were extremely delicious…  There were three signatures dishes that anyone ought to order, which are “San Bei Ji” which means 3 glass chicken, the Indonesian Prawn and the Beancurd with special sauce. He ordered an additional vegetable dish as well.

 My my~~~ Really fell in love with the Indonesian Prawn. Scrumptious and fresh prawns soaked in creamy yet savoury sauce… Just the sauce itself would make you go gaga over it…

San Bei Ji was marvellous. The just-right saltines with the aroma of rice wine just makes your mouth waters. The quantity of the wine will not make you drunk, but it really help your appetite to grow and all warm inside when you sink your mouth onto the tender chicken… Hmmmm…

And have you ever eaten steamed egg before? Could you imagine the same texture and taste in a beancurd? Without the sauce itself, I was already in heaven… The silky texture and the oh so taste-alike steam egg is just plain superb… Although I read an article that advises us to stay off rice (lesser, you might say), I just could not resist myself from asking for another bowl of rice… (^O^)

Wednesday (19 Jan 2011): We went out for lunch. A place called “Yu Choo”. The dishes are quite okay; but, that did not matter much as we finally could gather again (briefly… 1 hour only), but it is the first time in 2011 that we could all hang out together and catching up – Kim, Yin Men, Hooi Lin, Saw Im, Yu Ying and I. We did asked Jack to come along. Unfortunately, his schedule did not permit him to do so.

Saturday (22 Jan 2011): Karaoke time~~~~ Yippee~~~6 of us went (Kim, Yin Men, Jack, Yu Ying, Joan and I) to Queensbay Neway for the morning session. Food, drinks and salad buffet are provided. We sang from 1100 to 1500 and they were awesome. Kim sang “xing bu liao qing” and captured my heart instantly. I just could not fall in love anymore than that. ^^ Then Jack and Yin Men had several duets. Cool~~~ Jack definitely had the voice to sing Wu Bai’s songs… Electrifying~~~~ Joan had a pretty voice too… ^^

Sunday (23 Jan 2011): It is hooray for all the posts above and now it is the ouch time… Yes, the first painful and embarrassing event of 2011. I will just skip all those embarrassing details and keep the story short: I fell face down and had bruises and scratches on my knee, leg and elbows… Trying in vain to rub those off… (TOT)

The Best and the Worst (14-16 Jan 2011)

Remember the milo advertisement that shows numerous sumo wrestlers wanted to cramp into a small mini cooper-like vehicle? That was how Friday, Saturday and Sunday were for me. ^^

Friday (14th Jan 2011): My my~~~ I never went for lunch for so long an hour before. 3… woah~~~ Our supervisor will (okay, the tense that I should use now is “had”) left us, going back to headquarter to take up another role. 14th was his last day; hence, we went to Azuma for lunch. Again, I had the most. The funniest thing is that Kenny predicted me like a piece of paper. Haha… who could blame me since salmon is on promotion? (n_<) I had the butter terriyaki salmon set, the salmon sashimi, grilled salmon in sweet soy sauce, salmon sushi, unagi sushi and kappa maki. No pictures as I forgot 😛

Saturday (15th Jan 2011): I had an orientation training. It was initially scheduled at 1100; however, I said that I would go there the earliest I could. Perhaps she thought I was just joking and was surprised – I came in earlier than she was.

Breakfast sucks though. Really sucks! I never tasted anything that was just plain horrible. If I did not purchase a milo mocha, I would had been in intense agony, having to sink my teeth into those two devilish sweet but extremely horrible pandan muffins. Eeeew~~~~

Hence, the orientation ended early, just around 0930 max. I was on a mission though – to buy movie tickets for “Great Day”. Tay Yeng said I should had book them first, which I did not. Oh well, I will just try my luck and Lady Luck was definitely at my side. I got the tickets eventually, after wandering aimlessly and had a 6 minutes massage. Later on, did I knew that I was indeed very lucky as I was not stopped by the security at all from entering the building, Queensbay Mall in the wee morning. While waiting for Saw Imm, Tay Yeng and I went to have a bite – the Famous I love Yoo soya bean and porridge. Yum~~~ No pictures though… 😛

The only flaw during the movie is that Saw Imm misunderstood my message and came late. I know I am bad, showing my ugly face, but I just could not helped myself. The previous experience gnawed at me. Poor her, but I cannot miss anything on-screen. My bad~~~ then, she had to leave right after the movie, so left only Tay Yeng and I. We went shopping at Nichii and both of us bought something. I hope she would be buying either one tomorrow~~~ Then, we had pancakes and western food at Paddington House of Pancakes (PHOP). Nice, but again, my bad… too much honey at the end was quite unbearable. Here are the photos that were taken then:

PHOP Dollar Pancakes with marshmellow, nuts, honey and ice-cream (744)

Flat white or white flat... plus the pancakes only RM7.90 (not inclusive of 16% tax yet)

Tay Yang had this. Don't know the name though... (n_<)

Cappucino... ^^

Arrived safely at home, Dad took me out for dinner. We went to the food court near Heng Yee high school for loh bak and ice-kacang. I also ordered a glass of iced red bean milk. Yum~~~

Then, tonnes and tonnes of clothes poured heavily down on me. I found lots of treasures buried deep within. Hehe… more concubines to my collection… (winks)

Sunday (16th Jan 2011): Started to try out all those treasures I received yesterday night in the wee morning. Then, went for wantan mee and dim sum with Dad. Later on, Brother and I went for bowling. Yippee~~~ Had 1 strike and 2 spares in the first game with 54 points and the second game with 53 points… Not bad, I would say? Brother achieved 64 in the first and 95 in the second. 95?! Wow~~~~ After that, we went to Gurney as he needed to buy something for his friend. We went to Pastamania for lunch… Not bad…

Pastamania's Mushroom Roasted Chicken set (inclusive of carbonated drink and soup of the day) RM15.90 - no tax

Chocolate Mousse... Moo~~~

At night, Dad took me to Khoon Heang at Jalan Dunlop. We had fish, chicken and vegetables. Here are the photos as promised:

Fried Ang Sai with sweet and sour sauce (Dad says this fish is better to be steamed... did not tell me earlier~~~ (TOT))

Stir-fry kailan... yum~~~

Sambal Chicken... nice~~~~

Now sleepy already. That is for all for those 3 days. ¡Hasta luego!