Throughout our journey, separation is inevitable. We meet marvellous people, rejoice in knowing them and then when the time comes, we will have to go our separate ways. Fortunately, we have technology to be thankful of… We could still find ways to keep in touch with one and another… Facebook is on top of the list for the time being… LOL ^O^… then there is also e-mail and mobile…

Separation does not mean long gone and sayonara forever… maybe it is a good cause, letting someone go when you know there is no turning back; or perhaps to let them seek for the real definition of happiness…

Some separation is like a circle – in the end, it comes back to the starting point. Just like my new job… Tay Yeng told me about it several months back. That time, distance concerns me; hence, I did not budge from my end. After that, a friend recommended me, I had gotten through the interview and ends up with what I had been separated from all those months. Come to think of it, is it fated? Haha…

Some separation are on and off… On, off, on, off, on… of. Now you see me, now you do not. Eventually you know you will meet up someday, but would not know when is the next separation. It keeps you pondering with anxiety, but also full of the hopefulness that one day you will meet up again. Just like my friends… as they have their own life, family and boyfriends, it is rather difficult to stay stick together for quite sometime. That is when gathering takes place.

Some separation is eternal. Once gone, will never come back. This kind of separation is the worst feeling one could have, yet, still inevitable…

So what you could at hands is to cherish every single moment until the inevitable comes along your way…

Best and Worst Christmas presentation… so far~~~~

Christmas is just around the corner and hence, we have Christmas trees. So what is the best and the worst Christmas tree in Penang and Kuala Lumpur for year 2010? The worst ever Christmas tree definitely went to Gama Supermarket and Departmental Store. Just like the generic phrase of Project Runway, “One day you are in, one day you are out”, this is definitely a have-to-get-out kind of tree. Draped in blue and cloth stiff material, it has a gigantic star-like ornament on top. Sure looks like an ice-cream goes wrong! (>_<)

No.3 goes to Kuala Lumpur’s Time Square. It is a heaven for the kids, no doubt. Colourful and lively, it has Mrs. Claus’s Boutique, Elves Academic and then some. Moveable gadgets just add to its magical feeling.


KL Times Square's Fantasy Land

No.2 goes to Prangin Mall of Penang. Few days back, whenever I passed by on Fridays, I was disappointed with the fact that they do not have any Christmas decoration; however, I finally seen it~~~~ Using the creativeness of colour and texture (balloons), they created a wonderful land filled with beauty and child-like fantasy to it.

Prangin's Balloon Paradise

No.1 goes to Pavillion of Kuala Lumpur. Being a place of branding and elegance, the theme for year 2010 also focuses on this. When I first saw them, they just blew me off my feet. Having a synchronized feel to it, the grand and luxurious decoration just takes your breath away. It is just like you were in a golden patio of The Swan Lake with mistletoe just above your head. Nice~~~~

Pavillion's Golden Patio

Rapunzel: The Review

Rapunzel has all the combination to make a splendid movie of action, comedy and romance. Unlike the traditional story that did not explain the reason to Rapunzel having a long hair, this does.

It portrays Mother Gothel who wanted to have the golden flower all to herself, to maintain her youth forever. At the same time, the kingdom searched high and low for the flower to rescue their beloved Queen from dying. Unknowingly, the miracle power transferred itself to the unborn child, which led the princess to have beautiful blonde hair. To celebrate the occasion, a flying lantern was sent up into the sky.

Happiness was short-lived when Mother Gothel came by, sang the song and cut the princess’ hair. She realized that once cut, the hair loses its power; hence, stole her away in the night and raised as her own, keeping all the power to herself, which explained the length of hair… Since the loss of their baby, the King and Queen along with their loyal subjects would send thousands of flying lanterns into the sky each year, on the Princess’ birthday. This mesmerized Rapunzel year by year, in which her request was rejected by Mother Gothel.

One day, a thief, Flynn Rider came along the tower where Rapunzel was kept captive. And so their journey of adventure and love began. Along came the horse too, who is so cute and funny altogether.

There were a few scenes that I love so much:

1. The scene where Rapunzel tried several methods to chuck Flynn in her wardrobe. It was funny to see Flynn being treated like a rag doll… Just too hilarious!

2. The scene where Rapunzel had several inner battles with herself. The switch is huge from happiness and guilt. Really something that you could watch all the time.

3. The scene where the horse became a dog – so cute, all the expressions that were shown by that cute and knightly animal

4. The lantern scene – everything was so wonderfully made. Perhaps it has to do with the bright colours that Disney is so famous for

5. The first time when Rapunzel stepped into the woods. There was this scene that entices me to just lying on the grass and watch the sky, which I wanted to do so long; yet, no time to do that.

Overall, it is really a great movie, which you will not get bored watching it over and over again. That is why I want to buy the DVD as a collection. Hope to find it soon… (n_<)


I never knew I had a loyal follower: Dad… Haha… So I am determined to write at least one post per week, no excuses at all.

On top is a video for your perusal. The movie itself (Hooked on you, which you could find in YouTube with English subtitles) is very meaningful and realistic. We, human, would like to get out from the current situation that we are in most of the time. For the heroine (Miriam), it was to get out from the market and have her own career. That time, a fishmonger loved her deeply and would do anything just for her; however, to her, being with anyone within her familiar environment just would not work. In the end, she did managed to have everything she had wanted, a career and an escape; sadly to say, the man who loved her deeply once had moved on…

In the above song, it narrates a couple who when met with difficult situations, hid in their hard shells. And when they want to get back together again, it is already a time of change… and when that happens, there is nothing for you to do because you and I had moved on…

Point: If you think he/she is the one, do not lose them and just express your feelings to them. Same in life. If you want it, grab it… as for the outcome? Well, just take the necessary steps then!


Me? I am still in the circle. This morning, I saw an advertisement and it reminded of him… I wonder how is he now?

Perfect Week for Shopping, Dining, Team-building and Bowling!~~~

What turned out to be just an ordinary hangout became a promise to get our butts onto a train to Kuala Lumpur for some extensively great shopping~~~ and friends, that we did…

Initially, I was planning to go and even took two annual leaves; however, I was having doubts about going alone. I asked Yen Cheng before and she was not quite interested. Great thing is that everything fits perfectly when we chatted during my gathering with Saw Imm and Yee Min. Then did I find out that Saw Imm has the time to spare and all the jigsaw puzzles just fell into place. I could not just ignore it, right? So the very next day, Saw Imm and Yee Min bought the tickets and off we went…

Kuala Lumpur is not a very strange place to me. I had been there for the past three years. I had everything sorted out: Arrived in KL Sentral, go to Mid Valley, then off to Times Square and last but not least, my favourite place of all, the Pasar Malam!! Woohoo~~~~ Some of the uncontrollable variables did happened though – the time of arrival in KL Sentral and not getting to go to the Pasar Malam; but, the rest turned out to be well enough to make the day an utmost happy one.

Below is the sequence of events that took place during our trip (roughly) from Wednesday night (17/11) to Friday morning (19/11)

3 friends waiting for the train


Yee Min and I @ the railway station

Saw Imm and I in the train

Dining in Ichiban Boshi @ Pavilion with Mimi and Saw Imm. Yum~~~

Business Gozen

Fried Salmon Skin @ Ichiban Boshi

Pavilion X'mas design

Mimi and I outside of Uniqlo

Replacement of Santa's Elf is here~~~

Snowman, my love~~~

X'mas tree @ Times Square

Back to the ferry, back to reality!~~~

Next, you would see my shopping loot of the day. Enjoy! Pictures will be here soon…

Then on Saturday (20/11), I attended my company’s team-building event from day to night. For the day, it was a walk hunt. I made new friends with Mike, Kevin, Yong Zhi, Jonathan, SJ and SY. We were all led by SJ. The concept is treausre hunting using cryptic and lateral thinking. I only heard of object hunting, never this. Hence, it is a real challenge for me; but, I still have fun doing it and would love to join for such treasure hunt the next time. Hehe~~~

At night, we had a dinner at the same venue, which is in Equatorial Hotel. Mike definitely deserved the best costume award, but the girl, I am having doubts. Does this mean that anyone who wear hat will win? I am so certain that other girls should had won it. Really really cannot comprehend this… Pictures will be up as soon as I have it…

On Sunday (well, actually a few hours before today), I went to Sunshine Square for bowling. Made new friends again: There are Clara, Tony, Benjamin, Sam, Foo Kit, Avvi, Yew Han, Elric (knew before as lunch mate) and many more… Not a bad achievement for myself as well. We had two games and for the first, I obtained 49 points whereas the second game for a total of 71 points. I know, the number looks bad; but, hey! At least I improved, and that is all that matters. I even had two strikes and 1 spare. Not bad, do you not think so? (n_<) Pictures, soon as well. Haha ^^

Random Thoughts

Dad drove me back as usual on every other Sunday. Yesterday we chatted quite a bit… then he went and had some sleep. As it was raining, we delayed our departure.

The rain had come to a drizzle and smaller by each drop. We move out on the motorcycle. As we neared the car, the rain had gotten heavier. We managed to get into shelter just at the nick of time.

Dad asked me be in the shelter while he gets the car started… As he rushed over and into the car, I found myself staring at his back, him removing off his helmet while in the car and it reminded me of “The silhouette”. I only remembered a fraction of it – the scene where the son sat in the train, staring out from the window at the aging silhouette of his dad, who insists on buying some mandarin oranges for his son’s trip.

At that precise moment, it was as if I am reliving that moment in the text. My dad, my knight of shining armour, who takes good care and cherish me deep within his heart. My dad who thinks of everything that is beyond our future. My dad who needs Love Power everyday. My dad who insists on seeing me home, safe and sound before going back home…

Looking at his back, I felt my heart went to him. He who lets me have my way with him… ¡Papa, ti amo muchísimo!

Story of 2 Cockroaches; Why so different??

In this week alone, my rented house was invaded by two cockroaches already: Yesterday and today… Long long time ago, I was not scared of the famous “Siu Keong”; but after my paternal grandmother’s funeral (being sat on by a huge cockroach with my sick condition) I am now in an if I do not see you, it is the best for both of our sake” attitude. However, this condition did not last long as I moved in my current rented house. I grew bolder and when one messed with me, it will get the hell from me…

Perhaps it was because of my mom… that when I saw it the first time, I really did want to hit it; however, when it came out of its hiding ground the next time, I resolved to putting down the whacker (the one Garfield loves the most – newspaper) and instead turned to use the broom. I am proud to say that it did not die and escaped in dignity?

Today, my manager came from KL and took us for dinner in TGI. When I returned and switched on the kitchen, there was another cockroach, lying there, stiff like a log… Where did it came from? How did it gotten itself in such a state? I am unsure… But as usual, I swept it out. It is still there a few hours ago… I am uncertain about its life span…

Two cockroaches, two different life… Why is that? Just hope that no matter the duration of their life span is short or long, they did enjoyed life till the last bits of it. The same goes to human – never say you cannot enjoy it due to work, stress, family burden and again, more work. It is not an acceptable excuse. You might think it is out there waiting for you patiently; however, you will never know what lies around the corner before you reach it. By then, it might just be too late~~~~

Random Thoughts…

It has been awhile, eh, since I wrote any blogs… May had been a difficult yet quite enjoyable month. Sad at a point of time; however, life has to move on regardless of the changes that could happen now and then. Just two days before the treasure hunt, my mom and brother were involved in an accident. Brother was alright, although with some scrapes here and some sprain there… Mom was a whole lot worse then. She sustained head injury and was in a comatose at that time. In a few days, she already had four surgeries (and currently they plan to cut her another time – this time for food consumption purpose), from critical, to unstable, to 50-50 and finally regained conscious. I am uncertain whether she recognise us though… With such gloom hovering, the initial planned treasure hunt was brutally cancelled on. That reminds me of the experience I had during my childhood. It was perhaps resentment? I am uncertain still… luckily enough, not all my plans are spoilt. Although my sister kept nagging of me jollying around while my mom was still hospitalized, I was thinking “life must goes on”… I still went on working and nobody knows of the incident… I had a rather good experience in the cruise (my unspoilt plan) and it was definitely worth the money…

Monday was my mom’s birthday. If there was no such accident, we would had celebrated her birthday on Saturday or Sunday; yet, it did happened. Hence, the only thing we could do is sing Birthday Song to her… Thank god by this time she had regained her consciousness, although I am unsure whether she recognises us or not as she cannot speaks currently. She thins a lot, poor her, as she is in a malnutrition state…

Life still moves on, as mentioned earlier. I went out with my brother, enjoyed myself shopping: Bought a white bag and some clothes; Last week I watched two movies – Nightmare in Elm Street and Shrek: The final chapter. Nightmare is full of suspense and I jumped or yelped in some scenes. After it had ended, it feels like nothing was supposed to be scary. Perhaps it is my overreaction that causes me to feel so jumpy. I never realised that watching a cartoon in cinema is as enjoyable as horror, thriller and action films. Puss in boots was the most hilarious character of all. Its simple antic will just make your tummy hurt with laughter. I also had a gathering in New World Park and had nyonya cuisine and western delight the very next day. The Ayam Ponteh is plain marvellous~~~~ (chuckles)

I am looking forward to another round of “treasure hunt”. Hopefully, the wait is not too long. (excitement growing) Till then, I am signing off~~~~

Don’t Give false Hope… it Hurts

It has been approximately one week since I delivered the parcel to a friend in Klang Valley, but alas! It has not arrive still… Perhaps I was lucky that I brought my memory today and remembered that I have the PosLaju national courier receipt with me. But, then again, it might be very expensive if I was to use my mobile. And my memory works extremely well today that I recalled seeing a telephone booth near the Co-orp and another in the canteen which located near my vicinity. I decided to try my luck…

False hope, I tell you, they both gave me false hope!! Could you imagine my disappointment? They are there; yet, they do not work. I wonder what is the purpose then to have them nearby?! To act as a wall flower? Or that the authority feels that employees here have no use of the public phones. Hello~~~~ what if accident happened?! What if my battery died and I need help urgently?! Using the company phone would be an unethical thing to do, by the way… False hope, never give false hope… be it in this kind of infrastructure issue, romance, or even life. Have hope, but do not give false hope. Remember~~~~

It is hard to make a movie, especially the ones based on books

Being a director is difficult, it seems… and it is much more difficult to direct a movie based on books. Books are made out of several chapters, each might take up to hundreds of pages, with specific details so estranged that it could conjure up different version of images in different mindset of us – human being, based on knowledge and cultural background. For such movie, the director has to shrink all those thorough and precise information into a movie of one and a half hour. That would be so impossible and definitely takes lots of courage to take on such a big burden…

Every movie, in general, must have a storyline, plotting, climax and a conclusion. Some climax comes too fast and at the wrong timing which leads to disappointment, such as Twilight. Or Alice in Wonderland, where the storyline is a bit twisted than the familiar book that we learnt this story from. It is so familiar to us, yet becomes absolutely alien to us all of a sudden. Or the more common mentioned movie, a suitable example for such statement – Harry Porter. The sequels usually creates a longing in their fans’ mind, who could perhaps understand what the jargon meant. Or perhaps, then again, it bore no importance at all, as long as there are actions to be seen? But, for some of us who have no inkling at all regarding their books, would be speechless and when the wordings cloud heavily in the movie, became absolute nuisance.

It is definitely difficult to direct such movies: Human being always craves for a brand new excitement, something extraordinary, and lots of surprises. And these directors usually will direct it in accordance to their version of the story. Therefore, it might be a bit disappointing if the director is not willing to go beyond the ordinary; still, these directors ought to be respected for their bravery to take up such challenge. Bravo, brave directors!!! ^O^