Living in simple bliss

Bliss? Definition of it varies… Some people would like it grand, full of posh and glamour; others might want it full of trials and challenges. Me? Just simplicity is enough for me….

Yesterday, in “Tuesday with Morrie”, Morrie was asked about how would he spend his perfect day if he could have 24 hours of great health. His reply is just to undergo an ordinary life as he always did.

Calvin asks Hobbes: if you have a wish, what would you ask for? – A big sunny field, in which Calvin shouted with disapproval, “A big sunny field?! That’s it? You should ask for something like fame or riches” but seeing Hobbes lying on the field, purring with contentment, he just could not argue with that…

Perhaps I am not as ambitious as you; perhaps I’m not as tough as you; perhaps I’m not as rich as you… but I am contented living my life as it is now – without too much worry

Beggars cannot be choosers…

Beggars cannot be chooser… Speaking about beggars, I am not referring to the noun literally, but also metaphorically. “Beggars”, in my term, refers to all who suffers from inferiority… Once you are branded as being inferior, you have no choice but to follow… unless, you strive to be superior… If you are the passenger, you have no other option than to follow the lead of the driver… if they are the ones who drives you out to dine, you do not have the right to restrict or set a limitation for them. This, to me, shows disrespect… If you are a beginner learning new tricks, you should be ask for assistance humbly… Of course, if you intend to work it deep and hard on your own, being independent and all, it is alright. Actually, that is plain superb!! If you are inferior financially, then you could only afford to eat economic rice and noodles and not some high-class restaurant in the urban city…

There is indeed a price for being inferior: you have lesser privilege, incentives and of course, advantages; however, do note that these inferiority that exist in our life can be a breaker or a motivator for us. You can choose to live life surrounded by inferiority complexes, or to break through into the realm of superiority. Bear in mind as well that we are not the most unfortunate or underprivileged citizens; hence, do not feel pity or sorry for ourselves. Likewise, it is a similar case with superiority. You might burst out from the current inferiority cage / prison, but you are not considered the top of all superiority beings. You are just upgrading yourself to a higher level than the rest of the inferior owners… But until you reach that stage, it still comes back to the same principle, Beggars cannot be chooser…

Predictability VS Unpredictability

What is better? Predictability or unpredictability? With predictability, your secret is out in the open – no more private life for you, people will look through your soul with just a wink… Sometimes, predictability also spells similarity… Imagine you are in a world where all people will only think similarly – no differences in thoughts or actions. Hence, all the people there will think the same, do the same and have the same hairstyles, colours and everything else. Unless you are without a free will, you will tend to feel boring. And if there is 1% of people who is unpredictable, then they will rebel and wants things that are different from everyone else. This concept is best said and performed by Dove shampoo advertisement… Other than that, the measure of security is higher with predictability. You already know the result or the ending, so it is easier to let go and sigh a breath of relief.

On the other hand, unpredictability spells surprise. You would not know what is in store for you just around the corner. Be it great and wonderful thing, then it is alright; however, what if it is a terrible or hideous news, then you will feel so upset – especially if facing your death… There are some things that are unpredictable: stock market shares, health, relationship and death… there might be more, but these are the lethal ones. Nothing is more unprepared than one’s own death. Where will I die? When will it be? Who knows and that is the scariest part – uncertain of the time left for you to live on this world. There is a purpose of me writing this article. A boy, whose age is a mere 19 had passed away in a freak car accident. A boy whom I barely knew, but do know about his existence. A boy whose ambition is to make a better living for himself and his loved ones, a boy who foresee university life ahead of him. Just another year and he will have succeeded. And he was in a car – a vehicle that most people, especially parents, regards it as a combat tank: safe and hard… Who knew such thing will happen? Unpredictability also means insecurity. Life is made out of thousands or even zillions of options, choices and decisions. And with each step (option / choices) you chose, the result will be unpredictable. You might say, “Why, I made this decision after a long period of consideration, of course it is predictable as what I had envisioned.” Well, that is not necessary. Things changed and some might be living in contentment one moment and lost all their peaceful life in the next. Perhaps the old saying proves it: Sometimes we are just being at the wrong place and the wrong time… and who can predicts that? Who could predict that a flower-pot is going to hit you right on your head when you were walking down the street? That is unpredictable…

Ultimately, both of them must work together, like Yin and Yang… Life with 100% predictability is serene yet too boring to live in; life with 100% of unpredictability will create insecurity and extreme paranoia among all people. So, moderate is the keyword for it… Predict while you envision your journey, but always prepare and live for the unpredictable. You will never know when will your last breath be…

成功有很多种~~~ 所以,不要以你的standard束缚我。。。

谁人说成功只有一种,就是赚很多很多钱啊?又什么什么要成功,就得和成功人士在一块, 又什么如果你身边的朋友都只想过着平凡的生活,你也就跟他们一伙。。。 呸呸呸~~~ 不要让我听久了。。。 知不知道很无聊、烦啊??差一点就上当了、洗脑了~~~

老娘跟你说吧:本小姐的朋友都是成功人士哦!!!只是他们抑或是我对他们成功的定义,与你的不一样罢了。。。 她,无论被自个儿的老板当阿四看待、踩到一文不值,依然坚持地守着自个儿的本份,做到最好~~~ 她成功,之所以是她坚持、毅力的精神。。。 她, 不管环境的刻薄有多惨、多辛酸,都熬得过来,将会为自己与及家人创造一个阳光灿烂、辉煌的人生~~~她成功,是想改变现状的逆境。。。把它当成推动力,勇往直前、奋斗到底。。。 他,身处于贫困的生活,明白与了解低等教育的前途是如何的。。。因此,他奔波一生,努力赚钱,给予我们一个比他幸福、快乐的人生~~~他成功,因为他突破心理障碍:不会因为自个儿生活如此,所以就给予我的孩儿们如此的。。。 他成功,是因为爱~~~ 她,教诲了无数的学生:学生不会时,她会很有耐心的诸一诸一的教,直到会为止;学生突飞猛进,她却不认为是自个儿的功劳~~~ 她成功,因为造就了许许多多的国家栋梁~~~ 我所说的,哪个是与钱有关啊??

一个真正成功人士,当然要以家人与事业为重,两个都得兼顾。。。 不过,试问有几个真能做到这种地步呢?如果有,固然好。。。可是,电视连续片都有做啦。。。 什么什么男人为了拼一番事业,竟忽略了家人。。。久而久之,和家人的感情分裂;不然,就是用金钱当成爱的代替品,陆陆续续灌输在于孩子们身上。。。 这一类型的成功,谁要啊?!我。。。绝对不要~~~抑或为了达到成功的最高峰,竟然牺牲家人、朋友,最后过着孤苦伶仃的生活。。。 请问,乐趣何在呐???

成功,真的有很多种。。。由最简单的(赢取 “吃最多热狗”的荣耀),中等的(安分守己、平平凡凡地过一生;不做违反法律的事件)到最艰难的(事业、财富、感情,个个兼顾尤佳)。。。 那么,何必硬要把你的standard束缚着我呢?人各有志:我不想牺牲我与朋友的友情,更不要以厚重的formality, 拉远我和朋友的距离。。。 我只要以最casual的打扮,与朋友开开心心地聊天, 做自己所想做的。。。 就好像子刚所说的:人家卖rojak赚钱,不代表你卖rojak就肯定赚钱啊!!! 还有,我爸所说的:business opportunity is not through the eyes of others, but through your own eyes。。。

Seriously~~~~ These people have attitude problem…

Regardless of educational background or even that of financial background, as long as you have attitude problem, there is no helping you…

Seriously, in a corporate working environment as my workplace, I really have no idea how rotten or blank-o are these people’s mind. Don’t tell me you are afraid of your own faeces? And how on earth would it get stuck on the hose? I had encountered this kind of incident twice and it is really disgusting and sick. For someone to be able to work in a corporate company, come on, you must at least have the sufficient intelligence to get you in here. And even if you have fairly good enough IQ score to get you in, it is actually a rather simple equation, don’t you think? This is really an ancient plague, no doubt… A maggot feeding attitude and mentality problem. Hello, you are not in some stranded and undeveloped village or ‘kampung’… Even the condition there has improved and yet you left your brain back before fire was even invented?! This is just plain stupidity, I must say…

A person’s attitude and mentality sure plays a vital role in building the person you are today. For example, if you are rich; however, you spend money like water and would rather stay at home and do nothing, you will become a beggar in a few years time. And if you have the sheer determination to break through poverty, your diligence will prove to be a valuable asset to you. Same thing as the above. If you breakdown all those external factors that barely contribute to your character building, all that is left is just this… your attitude… So, mind you, whoever you are, better repent before it is too late…

Degrading? Are you certain?!

This morning, I saw a stall selling bracelets. They were embedded in fake jewels and silver. Looks really tempting and beautiful and best of all… they were cheap!!! I myself bought some too. After that, when I crossed the road, there was an auntie who called out to her friend, “Hey, they are selling cheap bracelets over there! Don’t you want to have a look?” What is the response of her friend? Nothing but, “I don’t buy cheap things. It will only be an act of degrading myself!” Oooooh, at that point of time, I was so pissed off with that elegant-looking lady.

Is buying cheap (or rather affordable) garments, accessories and whatever else a self-degrading matter? Consider this issue below:

If you have a clothing that is of the same design and material; however, one is of a well-known brand and the other is not, what would you buy? For a brand-conscious person, they would definitely buy the one with the brand, blinded by the misconception that **Well-known branding equals to quality and durability** This concept might be used a few decades back, but really, now? Of course, if the design is the same, but with a better material, then I rest my case. Unfortunately, people are often blinded by the so-called branding and choose to buy a far more expensive garment (of the same design and material) even though their logic (if they have any at that point of time) would choose rationally.

What is wrong to save more money? I once read that: saving in present is enjoyment in future. Such a true statement… Although it might appear to be an act of thrift and stinginess, but hey, it helps us save and why not? If you could buy a cheaper clothing that has the same style and glamour that a well-known brand has, why not? Degrading?! Hah!!! It is just your subjective mentality working – a person who is brand-conscious, mind you, is as most people know, are victims. sadly to say, you, the elegant-looking lady, is one of them!!! (>_<)

Note: My policy is always that:

1. Never be influenced by branding

2. Cheaper things does not mean bad or vicious

3. Get the best bargain while doing charity is the best!!! ^^

¡Adios, mi amor!

La noche oscura

Está tranquila, también triste  

Sólo la luna está conmigo

escuchando la historia de mi amor…

En silencio, el amor se paseó

También se desapareció

Deseo llamarle muchas veces

¡No dejáme!, ¡No dejáme! 

Pero mi voz desapareció

Sin previo aviso, una lágrima se cayó

Como la perla que volvió a su casa…

Y como una gota de lágrima,

mi amor salió de mi vida

Pero como el mar,

se hace una gran parte de la vida mia, de la memoria mia

Para siempre…

¡Adios, mi amor!

My Shocking Yellow bagpack

I was going to write this yesterday; however, I aborted last-minute as I suddenly do not remember what to write about. Haha… Yes, that is one of my characteristic – forgetful… LOL ^^

Anyhow, I actually detested my shocking yellow backpack. To me, the colour was just too gaudy; I prefer lighter colour like light blue, in general, light everything. Or perhaps something dark like black, dark purple, even red purple or maroon. That I can accept. I also love shocking pink and shocking yellow, but in the right places or things, but never backpacks… So when my dad gave me an ultimatum, well, I was only able to accept it.

The first few days, I kept looking constantly at the gaudy colour and felt uneasy. After awhile, the comfort came over me. Although it was gaudy, it was comfortable and practical, like a good husband could be, I guess. Haha ^^ And sometimes, I do not realised I was wearing dark attire which is fatal as I cross the road every morning. And I suddenly recall that its colour shone so bright that the drivers could see me, or at least my backpack floating over… Well, there is a possibility that the driver might mistake me for a ghost and skidded past me; but, so far so good. Maybe I do not look like a ghost after all…

The lesson I learnt: sometimes we come across a person we dislike or feel awkward; but once you get used to it, the uneasiness and discomfort just dissolve. Also, never ever judge a backpack (a metaphor) by its colour… ^^

*** Contradiction ***

A friend of mine once said, “Even as friends, when it comes to money, it is best if we keep it as clear as possible” ; however, it does not seems so when you accidentally hurt another friend due to the same policy…. He/she will tend to see you in one perspective, which is S-E-L-F-I-S-H

I guess it really does hurt when you cannot please both parties; but, it hurts more to the person who is the doer of it all: if a person’s sensitivity level is acutely high, even a joke becomes an unbearable spear in his/her heart. That was what happened between my c******** and I. What that had not meant to be a sarcastic note to get my money back is translated as a hurtful demand for her to return my money… After that, I just wanted to shut myself up just in case such case occur again. Sometimes it is best to keep to yourself. You may never know you might stab him/her deep in the heart accidentally…  

In conclusion, I think we all have to be flexible in terms of policies. Be lenient yet firm… and most of all, be ethical

Dare to Hope

(in reference to the Shawshank Redemption)

Red once said, “Let me tell you something, my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. It can drive a person insane”. When he saaid that, it was a warning to his friend, Andy. Andy was in all high hopes on seeing the outside world once again, but his enthusiasm was dampened by Red. But, then again, perhaps we cannot blame Red for his words. You see, in this movie, there was an old man, by the name of Brooks, who was a librarian there for many years while waiting for his parol to end. After 5o years was he sent out from prison. By then, he was already institutionalized by the environment of prison. Therefore, the fear of unfamiliarity gnawed at his and he hanged himself to dead in the end.

But hope is never a dangerous thing, as said by Andy. With hope, one will try anything in his power to form a better life for oneself. Just like what Andy said,”I guess that comes to a simple choice: Get busy living or get busy dying”. When a person is deprived of hope,he is dying for all he sees is death and dismay and nothing else; however, when one has hope, he would surely soar up in the sky, wanting to achieve that thing that hope has to offer…

Therefore, salvation is in hope. When one has hope, will he find peace and harmony. Perhaps it will be a long, bumpy road, but you will surely gain success after all those trials and tribulations. So, dear friends, hope, hope and HOPE!!!