Property, Vehicle and Virginity

B: Hi. Are you Ms Su?

G: Yes, I am. Are you Mr Du?

B: I am. Nice to meet you. Let’s go there and have a chat.

G: Wait a minute. Before we begin to chat, I think there are a few doubts we need to clarify.  Do you want to talk here or at another place?

B: I like your frankness. Since Miss Su has something to talk about, let us talk here then!

G: Do you have any property and vehicle? If you don’t, I’m afraid we cannot continue our conversation anymore.

B: I have them; however, Miss Su, are you a virgin? If I don’t have any properties now, I might have them a few years later; however, if Miss Su, you are not a virgin, after a few years will you still retain your honour?

G: In the past, I was.

B: Then what if I tell you, I once had a property and vehicle; but, I lost them all in a business venture. I don’t have anything now. Would you still be with me, striving together for a better life (getting a house and car)?

G: Since you don’t have any house or car now, only a fool is willing to marry you.

B: That’s right. Whether you were a virgin before, it doesn’t concern me.

G: If you love me, you will love me for who I am and not that barrier.

B: If you love me, you should also love me for who I am and not my property or car.

G: Are you a virgin?

B: I am not.

G: Then why do you insist on me being a virgin?

B: Do you have any property or vehicle?

G: No, I don’t.

B: Then why do you insist on me having property and vehicle?

G: That’s because you are a man. Man and woman are different. You are a man; hence, you ought to have property and vehicle.

B: Man and woman are different, huh? That is to say that even though I’m not a virgin, you ought to be, correct?

G: Mr Du, I think we cannot continue this conversation anymore. I have to go now. Goodbye.

B: Goodbye. God bless you!


Harsh reality, no doubt… Although it looks like the girl deserves it; but, somehow, it still triggers the idea of men always getting most of the advantages. Or is it really the girl’s fault for making the first pitch? A thought to note…

Good VS Evil: who can define that?

Last Friday, I went to watch “The Devil” with my sister. It shed new light onto Satan: for the first time, Satan is good in a way, punishing all those who sinned. That gave me a new perspective on good and evil. Generally, whoever do good is good and those with awful things are evil. With “The Devil”, however, the line between good and evil is blurred in a linear line, depending which stage you are in. If you see from the stage whereby Devil a.k.a. Satan tempt people to do evil, he is evil; but, when you discard the first few chapters and start in the middle, he seems angelic now as he punishes those who sinned.

There is a game called “Life” where one of my best friend attended it. Basically, it shows you the future you pave with the decisions you made. Other than that, it also shows whether you will end up in heaven or hell. Not quite necessary, but seeing it as a Christian activity, it is indeed hard to stray away from this subject. Nevertheless, the results was not shocking at all: Most of the people who played end up in hell.

There is this cartoon called “Angel’s friends” which is aired around 1200 to 1300 on every Sunday. In it, angels and demons are assigned to a mortal and they should fight to get him on the right path or the bad… So, in each episode, you will see that sometimes angels won and at other times, demons triumph at different issues. So, that means I am good at this stage but a few days later, I might turn evil. Is it once I am damned, I am damned for eternity? 

You might say, “Hey, when people make nasty decisions or manipulative plans, they will certainly come up with excuses to defend themselves”. That might be true, but what if we put ourselves in their shoes? They might be wrong, but the equation showed in the end is that they want to protect what is beloved to them. Is that a bad thing then?

I also want to fly~~~

Lately, most of the people I know flew out of Malaysia, be it for studies purposes, working purposes or just plain having fun… Dubai, China, Thailand, Shanghai, United States of America, Mexico, Germany and etcetera… At first, I did not mind… but little by little, the feeling of not able to fly started to gnaw at me: what would it be like to be in a whole new different world? The sensation of flying, I have it already as I went to Sarawak… but then again, being marked as being in Malaysia still and overseas is totally different…

However, my philosophy is that: Even if the desire to fly out of Malaysia is quite strong (at the moment – as you know, a girl’s heart is constantly changing), to succumb to a job that could bring that joy but having the job description that I am not very enthusiastic about, no way will I do that. Even if I have to save for quite some time to get to that amount of money, I would rather have that option.

Weird thing is, I think I have the desire to fly out; however, when queried about whereabouts to go, I am slow to decide… actually, it is blank in my head, although I do know that I want to be in Latin American countries and Spain, but currently they are not within my mind. What I am thinking right now is more to Malaysian locations, such as Cameron Highland…

I also want to fly; however, the time is not here yet. Next year, if all goes well, I am going to fly… to Sabah… Hopefully, it could be so… ^^

Wow~~~ What a change!!!

I’m not sure whether I told you all about the easter play that I’d been to two weeks before, which entitled “The Fragments”. In that particular play, there was this guy who played as the conscience of the protagonist. My my, he was really good looking and charming too, as he was dressed in white long-sleeves shirt with black pants and a vest too. With his soft and curly mane and his indian-western features, he was really damn fine looking and look all soooo classy, no doubt. When i told my room mates about it, they said he is residing in the same residential college as I am. What a shock!!! LOL… Well, no harm done looking at georgeous guys, right? It’s the same, just like guys like to appreciate beautiful girls, washing them in with their eyes…

Anyway, on my way back to college just now, I saw him. Wow!!!! I’m really surprised!!! With only his large T-shirt, acid-washed jeans and a black sling bag, he looks sooooo common and reachable; no more drop-dead georgeous. LOL… Imagine what clothing and hairstyle can do soooooo much to a man… LOL… and such drastic change… haha…

Human being are sooooooo…

Human being is always full of irony…
I’d seen people who fidget when confronted with thousands of choices: “Oh, why can’t there be less choices to choose from, perhaps two or none whatsoever? It’s frustrating!” is what they usually think; however, when they are thrust with the sole choice, they will say it’s too little or it’s dictative, often not satifying with what they have….

When they are lacking financially, they want to earn lots of money; however, when they accomplished their goal, they might realize that they had lost an essential thing in their lives and wished to be back in square one…

When they don’t have that special someone, they ponder and envision how it would be to have the one and become one of the couple amongst crowds of them here and there; yet, when they do find themselves in relationship, they want to break free from the heavy invisible chain attached to their ankles and soar up into the sky with no burdens to please and whatevernot…

Of course there are other ironic cases that a human being face everyday of his/her life. Overall, it seems that people are always feeling discontented with whatever that they possess, be it materially or mentally. It’s the source whereby all these ironies come from… Coz everything a decision is made, they will regret it one point or another. If only… if only they understand that there’s always choices for them to choose and whatever the consequences are, they have to bear with it and stop saying, “If only I can return and make things better” or “If only I didn’t do that”… It’s all in the past, my friend, so let it rest in peace.

Give us a chance, man…

I went through my sister’s blog the other day, and yes, I agree with her. The world is full of ironies…

The employers want us to have some experience of some sort; however, as undergraduates, we won’t have that much of that. If everything is to be taken account of, perhaps out of ten, there would be say, three or four of us working before. But, more or less, the work field is limited: sales representatives (very common), temporary teacher, kindergarten teacher and clerk.

For most of the employers though (there are still some very kind and considerate companies), experience in our specialty is far most important. Now that’s the sad part. Perhaps some of us undergo a few weeks to month of industrial training, but does it mean we are fully capable and experienced? And what about those courses which does not have this sort of priviledge?

If the times then are to look upon one’s experiences, how about now? When we are in the midst of recession? When every company is trying to cut more and more cost? It’s not fair now, isn’t it? No wonder we are sometimes (not all of us) forced to study more and more to get a phD or something even higher than that.

Employers, do give us a chance… If we becomes effective workers after the whole adaptation, it’s good for you too, no? If after evaluation, we are still some lazy bums to you, it’s fine if you fire us. Okay, I rephrase. Only me… I don’t really know what the others are thinking. Maybe they don’t want to be fired even when they are slacking… Maybe…

Movies that creeps and thrills you

I always has this phase going on when it comes to ghost movies. There will be some phases where I’m really into them and there are, of course, times when I’m scared to watch them even in broad daylight. That’s me. 

Well, it seems that it went a level higher this time. Remember the movie, “The strangers” and “I am legend”? They are not ghost movies, right? But I kept on pausing here and there to avoid the suspense that might jumped out from the screen, in the darkness, perhaps. For “The strangers”, it was worst as I kept on forwarding to the next and next next scenes.

I guess I’m weird in a way, being ironic and all, but then I just can’t help myself. Hmmm… But all of us has that irony quality deep within us, no? Bungee jumping may seems exciting and thrilling when you are down below, hanging and bouncing on the rope, but beforehand, you might be afraid of all sort of negative thoughts that might creep into your mind and etc and etc…

Desire to kill, yet turned out dead?

It’s such an irony when one has the desire to kill, yet turned out to be the one who died… of course, this has nothing to do with me.

I read a story of Jeffrey Archer, “Don’t drink the water”, in his book entitled “Cat o’nine tales” that has the same old concept as the two thieves who killed each other in greed of a treasure, but in a more pathetic and sad manner, as the killer who intended to kill was killed silently instead.

The killer is a husband who doesn’t want to share half of his properties with his wife. It seems that the wife is going to file a divorce. And if he went to St Petersburg for a contract signing with the companionship of his wife, she will definitely get half of his properties with the excuse of her helping him throughout his business’ ups and downs.

Well, due to certain sanitation problems, nobody should drink the local water. Knowing this, he plan to kill his wife using this water. He did everything to cover his track and not attract any attention to himself. And he succeeded indeed. Yet, he was found dead the following morning as well. It seems that he only know half of the story of the water. It’s not the water really killed his wife, but a disease called Siberius, which is not only infectious, but also highly contagious.

The lesson here: Do find out all information carefully and in full detail before you want to kill. Sometimes, unexpectedly, it could be you who will die instead…