Throughout our journey, separation is inevitable. We meet marvellous people, rejoice in knowing them and then when the time comes, we will have to go our separate ways. Fortunately, we have technology to be thankful of… We could still find ways to keep in touch with one and another… Facebook is on top of the list for the time being… LOL ^O^… then there is also e-mail and mobile…

Separation does not mean long gone and sayonara forever… maybe it is a good cause, letting someone go when you know there is no turning back; or perhaps to let them seek for the real definition of happiness…

Some separation is like a circle – in the end, it comes back to the starting point. Just like my new job… Tay Yeng told me about it several months back. That time, distance concerns me; hence, I did not budge from my end. After that, a friend recommended me, I had gotten through the interview and ends up with what I had been separated from all those months. Come to think of it, is it fated? Haha…

Some separation are on and off… On, off, on, off, on… of. Now you see me, now you do not. Eventually you know you will meet up someday, but would not know when is the next separation. It keeps you pondering with anxiety, but also full of the hopefulness that one day you will meet up again. Just like my friends… as they have their own life, family and boyfriends, it is rather difficult to stay stick together for quite sometime. That is when gathering takes place.

Some separation is eternal. Once gone, will never come back. This kind of separation is the worst feeling one could have, yet, still inevitable…

So what you could at hands is to cherish every single moment until the inevitable comes along your way…

Looking back at 2010~~~

2010 experiences that are embeded in my mind:

1. Post Chicken Pox mouth-barring policy

It was the second worst experience of the year 2010. After my pox subsided, I could not simply eat whatever I want and like. I have to stay away from beans, meat, poultry and many food that I had lost track off. It was a nightmare indeed, especially when it came to Chinese New Year… (TOT)

2. Eateries

2010 was the year where I tried lots of new cuisines: Tex-Mex such as TGI Friday, Chili’s; Japanese such as Azuma, Chikuma, Ichiban Boshi; Korean such as Dao Rae; Western such as No Eyed Deer; Italian such as Bravo Italiana and so on…

3. The inevitable

It was also the year where the inevitable happened. It was my first loss in life… I am always speechless when the mention of her came into ear, especially from Dad… Sigh~~~  

4. Shopping-cum-eating trip

It was also the year where I went down to KL, first and last time for year 2010. We went shopping, eating, chatting and gathering… it was quite nice…

5. Most time bowling…

It was also the year where I bowled the most… First time in 2010 was at Sunshine Square: high-tech and new, no doubt. Was my first time meeting brand new friends as well. Next was in Penang Bowl – inclusive of yesterday, would had meant three times already. More than when I was in Kuala Lumpur… ^^

6. Making New Friends

I had met with brand new friends in year 2010: From Kim, I knew Joan. From Joan, I get to know Benjamin, YH, TK (just a glance), Sheryl, Ian and their baby daughter, Mike, Foo Kit, Elric, Jason, Carol, Tony and also not to mention about Nicholas… Lots of new friends in one shot… ^^

7. Gathering, gathering~~~

Lots of gathering too for year 2010: I also get to meet up with some hard-to-see friends. Some of the names are Yvonne, Lilian, Yee Min and Mei Yean. I am grateful I am given the chance to meet them up and chit-chat once in a while… ^O^

Overall, it was quite a nice year. Of course, if the inevitable did not happen, it would be so much better… still, life has to move on… So just be positive and see the best throughout our journey~~~~

The clumsiest Christmas ever… (so far)

I was invited to join Joan’s friends (Benjamin, Ying Fun, Sheryl’s friend and Sheryl, Yew Hann, Ian and his baby daughter, Elric and Mike) for dinner at Bravo Italiana. It was good, the food… but some accident did happened, maybe unnoticeable among them, but oh I know~~~ pssst, the first one is when I wanted to cut the brocolli in half. (twing) it shot back my salmon and spilled some of it on my skirt. Thank god it was not tomato puree. It would looked so obvious. Then, when the tequila key lime pie arrived, I knocked down the knife. My my, what had gone wrong with me on Christmas Eve?? Below are some photos for you to see before I continue. By the way, I guess you had guessed it right – I ate the most that day~~~~ LOL… all the attendees ordered only a main course and drink, but I had four – an appetizer, a main course, dessert and drink. \(^O^)/

Brushetta RM8.80 (yummy~~~)

Salmon Alla Tuscany (either RM29.90 or more like 30++) love the olives... mama mía

Italia Dreamland (RM12.90 i believe)

Tequila Key Lime Pie (RM9.80) sourish and I like~~~

Later on, I found out the reason to the clumsiness or so-called uneasiness… It was an omen for me. Or can I think so, blaming my clumsiness to the omen?! Hehe… Anyhow, my carefully laid-out plan was not going smoothly… Yes, a few of my friends became ill, so they cannot join me. When the plan came out, it was supposed to be Lilian, Su Ming, Bee Ling, Chee Leng, Saw Imm, Yee Fong and Soon Ying. Then, people started calling or messaging saying they are ill (Lilian, Saw Imm, Yee Fong and Su Ming). Bee Ling had to accompany her boyfriend, which is, frankly, predictable. So that means only Chee Leng, Soon Ying and her beau and I. Oh my god! It was like lighting bolt struck me in the face~~~

Thank god there was a sudden change: I managed to make some adjustment and at least this time, Saw Imm and Yee Fong could join us… finally!!! Yeah~~~that makes 6 of us… So off we went, first for lunch at Ryan’s Gourmet.

Seafood Spaghetti Dragon Fruit Juice (no sugar at all - healthy)

Then, we headed to Penang Bowl for bowling… Everyone has their own technique; however, I like most about Saw Imm… Slow and steady, yet still able to score… She was the promising champion; however, in the end, something went amiss and I was given a chance to be the champion. Hehe ^^

Then we went to Coob to eat as Soon Ying and her beau were hungry by then. Again, I ate… LOL… Ooops, I forgot to take the picture, but it is yet another plate of spaghetti, this time it is grilled chicken spaghetti. Yummy~~~~ My friends noticed me eating twice spaghetti and wondered the reason to it. I brushed their comments away… Hehe

We also had Penang Teochew Cendol (by-the-road style) before parting ways. Then Chee Leng and I went for the Christmas drama presentation. It was her first time attending such an event that I almost broke out in sweat when the spokesperson kept on talking and talking and talking. Finally, when they decided to have the show on, I could not helped myself but blurted out “FINALLY”. Chee Leng nudged me… My bad, but hey! You cannot blame me, right?

The very next day, I told Dad what fun did we had bowling and how I wanted to learn to walk and bowl. Dad gave in and we went bowling… again~~~~ Yahoo! As far as I know, my limit for bowling is 2 games. More than that, I could not… But that day, miraculously, I played four games, but of course, with a very lousy score each time. Dad could even gotten himself 3 digits figure, but me… (TOT)

Oh well, at least we are spending quality time together~~~~ Hehe ^^