Close Call

There were times that people think I am over confident in certain matter – about NZ in particular… “You sure believe you will get in, don’t you? What if you fail this time?” I said, “Well, I’ll just keep on trying until I’m 30!” They thought I was a wanderer, a person ready to cave in under quicksand.

Though a tad wavered, seeing things now in a different perspective, I waded through those uncertainty and just dove my head into the same goal, same dream of being in that land of greenery and beauty…

Being the happy-go-lucky me, it is with the same spirit that I went with the application, even the speed, I reckon so that every little detail is carefully being placed. It is actually a close call for me, a miracle even to some people. But right beforehand, hours before, my stomach was in a knot, but only gives in to happy, positive thoughts.

Now is really the waiting time… the period of waiting, oh… what agony… praying though that all will go sailing smoothly.  


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