See the World in a better Light

Have you ever been told that you always view the world the better way? If yes, do keep it up…

At times, there maybe doubts thrown at you and you be swayed; but do ensure it just a glimpse fluttering by…

Perhaps some would brand you as dreamer, moron, idealist or a fugitive running away from the harsh, cold reality…. Maybe they are correct in certain way… but is it not better to think and feel that the world is much better? True that war and violence are surrounding us… Cheats, criminals and heartless opportunists… Do not be distraught thinking that all are the same as they are not (unless you really hate all until it bore in the marrow of oneself…

A thought triggered by a conversation with a dear someone. For all that is worth, please enjoy the following video and see the world better! ^^

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