What was that?

Is it a scheming plan just to get me used

Taking advantage of the unknown feeling that i had in my heart

My admiration, my devotion to steer me in the path that you want me to be?


I was gullible, most likely

Innocently thinking that i was doing it for your sake

Or it would ruin you in ways that i am scared of

I was then confined in a world that you were always good…

the image that rooted deep down


Later, i found out the awful truth

but realization of the love embedded in my heart

Would not allow me to go back to the world when you do not exist

With that, helplessly i trot down the same path that you set me on to embark

Endlessly until perhaps, I could break away from the spell that you cast upon me

those years before my world is with you


(an analogue designed for a character of a story)

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