Which is better?

Wow… I abandoned my blog for a month already. I am sorry, blog~~~

But… this is just a place for me to pour out my heart about anything, just like some kind of public diary, which perhaps not many read anyway…

Back to the topic. Recently there were two movies that I watched concerning parallel dimension… Romantic, of course, which are “The lake House” and “Edge of the Garden”… The Lake House is a difference of several months while Edge of the Garden is 50 years apart… Truth be told, I am most comfortable thinking of several months apart than years, although both were quite touching… At least you can be with the one you love… 50 years apart, if not for the story, we might most probably think that either the guy or gal is scheming something, sucking the life out from their partner… Even if it is acceptable, the fear of losing your lover due to age gap is still quite hurtful…

But story line wise,  I prefer Edge of the Garden… although I did cursed the wretched husband of the 60’s. In that time, women seems timid or so called obedient. When they are treated harshly, they just accepted their fate. The husband even had the guts to treat her as an object, making sure no man goes near her and being ridiculously obsessed with her. When his wife is sick, he does not seems to fear losing her and asked the doctor to just prescribe something for his-so-called rashes. Crazy and should-be-dead guy…  which gladly the bastard did eventually after the hero changed history. Woohoo!

I would not say the ending was great, but is acceptable in life. Although the love is there, the heroine got on with her life and found a man who cherish her 50 years back… That at least had herself a grand-daughter of the hero’s age and maybe the love will blossoms between them instead… Love the quote, “And now you must live yours. Walk in the garden and see where it will lead you”

As for The lake House, I absolutely love the architecture. It is simply breathtaking. And Keanu Reeves in it? Major bonus… Likewise, both love stories are good… ^^

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