Christmas Year 2011

Last Christmas, we managed to have lunch and bowl and the number was okay; this year, everyone seems to have their own plans already: One went to Kuala Lumpur for shopping centers conquest; another had family one-day trip; yet another is still in New Zealand enjoying a different feel of Christmas… that would kinda means a zero-plan for me. At least that was what I thought. LOL

SM, she was the first one to not believe it. But seriously, I had none at that time… then BOOM! came in the first invite. CL told me about a gift exchange and Christmas celebration with her gang and asked if I would like to join. Bought the gift in a haste, but not going in the end.  I did have the present sent though via CL since we did meet before the event… I was sure they were having a blast there via the call she made yesterday night ^^

Shortly before Christmas, I messaged YC and in came the second invite. We met in Queensbay for lunch in dragon-i… it sure brought memories from Uppekha. Reason? We stayed there for a straight four hours! ROFL… And oh my, lots of souvenirs and presents for me! The funniest moment of that is definitely when she told me her fiancée seems (to me) a bit jealous with my goodie bag. Haha ^O^ Maybe we did get glances all throughout the period… LOL… it was like in the dramas where every table near the main characters always change with high speed but not us. LOL

YC and I

My goodie bag's contents

Next, is my dear old friend whom I don’t know… last met 6 months or so? We met in 1st Avenue, YM and I… this time it was in Sakae Sushi. Again, it took us around 4 hours too… if this time, i received the murderous glance, i will surrender since we both are occupying a table for four… 😛 Not to say shocked, but she nagged on my well, eating habits. “Can you finish them all?!”, “Finish these first before ordering others” and keep repeating “you are getting bigger already” but it was still fun hanging around, sharing future plans and all… ^^

YM and I

After the lunch, I met CL for movie: Sherlock Holmes. It was a good show no doubt, but i think I dozed off a few moments… Reason? I have no idea, but this was my second time doing so… first was with Arthur Christmas… then we went shopping and then pursued dinner at Old Town Coffee. No photos were taken though…. Oh, what would she think?

1 more surprising and heart-warming event: I received an unexpected call, from LB… called to ask if we could meet. As the time and place is inconvenient, Alas! we did not meet… but the mere thought itself is what counts the most… ^^

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