Property, Vehicle and Virginity

B: Hi. Are you Ms Su?

G: Yes, I am. Are you Mr Du?

B: I am. Nice to meet you. Let’s go there and have a chat.

G: Wait a minute. Before we begin to chat, I think there are a few doubts we need to clarify.  Do you want to talk here or at another place?

B: I like your frankness. Since Miss Su has something to talk about, let us talk here then!

G: Do you have any property and vehicle? If you don’t, I’m afraid we cannot continue our conversation anymore.

B: I have them; however, Miss Su, are you a virgin? If I don’t have any properties now, I might have them a few years later; however, if Miss Su, you are not a virgin, after a few years will you still retain your honour?

G: In the past, I was.

B: Then what if I tell you, I once had a property and vehicle; but, I lost them all in a business venture. I don’t have anything now. Would you still be with me, striving together for a better life (getting a house and car)?

G: Since you don’t have any house or car now, only a fool is willing to marry you.

B: That’s right. Whether you were a virgin before, it doesn’t concern me.

G: If you love me, you will love me for who I am and not that barrier.

B: If you love me, you should also love me for who I am and not my property or car.

G: Are you a virgin?

B: I am not.

G: Then why do you insist on me being a virgin?

B: Do you have any property or vehicle?

G: No, I don’t.

B: Then why do you insist on me having property and vehicle?

G: That’s because you are a man. Man and woman are different. You are a man; hence, you ought to have property and vehicle.

B: Man and woman are different, huh? That is to say that even though I’m not a virgin, you ought to be, correct?

G: Mr Du, I think we cannot continue this conversation anymore. I have to go now. Goodbye.

B: Goodbye. God bless you!


Harsh reality, no doubt… Although it looks like the girl deserves it; but, somehow, it still triggers the idea of men always getting most of the advantages. Or is it really the girl’s fault for making the first pitch? A thought to note…