It is okay perhaps to recall some memories??

It has been 1 year plus since the demise of my mother. though my dad did not mentioned about her more than beforehand, i am actually glad that mom still has some traits for us to remember…

At times, we might think she was a difficult person to live with… Perhaps the most mind-boggling person in the world. There were times that we would eat-out and she would not go out. That is fine. We asked her whether she wants anything and she said no; however, when coming back, she would complained that we bought nothing for her. And when we do, she said “why did you buy for me?” Yes, she was that kind of person.

Living with her is like heaven and hell combined together. If you learn of the right ways, you will survive. I am the fortunate one. Anyhow, I am still grateful that she left us with memories to remember her. It should sustain us for several years…

Mom, wherever you are now, I hope you are happy.

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