Imperfection rocks~~~

Although I already know that fact by heart, I realize it deep in heart with a small and yet simple matter: buying a purse.

1st time i bought the purse, I chose a cloth type (they claimed it is the same water proof cloth as the one that people make umbrella out of) which has some cute pictures on it. It has two zippers, which is ideal as I want it to be as flat as possible as it would not attract much attention; however, soon, it became dirty. That was when I figure out that umbrella cloth does not quite suit my needs.

2nd time, I thought of getting one that would not become dirty so easily. I managed to buy the one I want, but there was another flaw. It has only one zipper which separates itself into three within. Yes, it could not be dirty so easily, but it looks very bulky…

3rd time (currently), I bought the third one. It is not really the cloth type and it has two zippers. Should be fine. Only when I returned home, I found out the rope is too small to have my hand in…

So, thus far, I learnt that:

1. Two zipper purse makes it flatter looking

2. Buy purse with the suitable cloth

3. Test the rope before purchasing

If I bought the perfect one right from the start, most probably I would not figure all those three out; hence, imperfection still rocks!! Oh yeah!!!! (~^O^~)

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