Accidental found usage for a Shoe Box Cover

Cockroaches lurking around or in your house or even room? Ways to kill or get rid of them:

a) use pesticide

b) use the cockroach house

c) kill them with a newspaper

Problem with using pesticide is that it is chemical. Long term usage might not only be hazardous to your own self, but towards the environment as well. Using cockroach is better, I guess… but to imagine hearing hundreds or thousands of cockroaches sticking in one house, whereby perhaps the scurrying feet could be heard just give me goosebumps. Newspaper is okay; however,  squashing them to pulps seems to be the worst thing that could happened.

So if you enjoy hunting them down without putting their slimy liquid on your hands, just take a well covered shoe box cover, track them down and close the lid on them. Then, drag the box carefully to the edge and get them out of the house… ^^ An accidental found usage for it. Try if you want ^O^

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