Living in simple bliss

Bliss? Definition of it varies… Some people would like it grand, full of posh and glamour; others might want it full of trials and challenges. Me? Just simplicity is enough for me….

Yesterday, in “Tuesday with Morrie”, Morrie was asked about how would he spend his perfect day if he could have 24 hours of great health. His reply is just to undergo an ordinary life as he always did.

Calvin asks Hobbes: if you have a wish, what would you ask for? – A big sunny field, in which Calvin shouted with disapproval, “A big sunny field?! That’s it? You should ask for something like fame or riches” but seeing Hobbes lying on the field, purring with contentment, he just could not argue with that…

Perhaps I am not as ambitious as you; perhaps I’m not as tough as you; perhaps I’m not as rich as you… but I am contented living my life as it is now – without too much worry

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