February? Fabulous~~~

February had been an exciting one to boot: had quite a number of gatherings, food adventure, best movie of the month, new environment and just plain awesome…

GATHERINGS (Not by orders):

1. Bowling session with Su Ming, Lilian and Yee Fong

The day after Valentines, bored at the residence in Krystal Point, so asked them out for bowling. For a first-timers, Su Ming and Lilian did fine… My first time getting a 3-digits figure in bowling (Penang). Cool~~~ Also bought all necessary and two not-really-necessary stuff, but was satisfied of not getting bored to crazy… ^O^

2. CNY meeting with Yen Cheng, BK and Xin Yee

Still a regret not asking prior taking decision. Always had my schedule slot set out straight and nicely; but, this time round, I might had been a bit side-tracked. Never thought it would be this way. Alas! I was unable to meet up with Yee Min… Miss her lots~~~ but then again, I have to still say grace to meet up with him again after a year plus plus…

3. Karaoke session with Chee Leng, Yee Fong, kim Keok, Grace and Ken Nee

That was my first time having karaoke session with them. Usually, it is only Yen Cheng and I. The result was a bit out… perhaps with them (those that I hardly met), it is better to have the gathering in a restaurant. Reason? Well… most of the time we would then be singing, no? Yeah… that was what I thought…



Initially I actually wanted to see another movie, but as reviewer, Yen Cheng, said that I LOVE HK is much more hilarious, I went for it… alone… haha… No problem with that…

Hmmm… it shows the reality of Hong Kongnese, trying to survive and how closely knit is a community, especially in those new villagers (direct translation)… how a misunderstanding turns two friends into enemies (actually only one felt so, not knowing the other did so for his friend)… anyhow, it was a happy ending for all, as a CNY movie should be… it sure has its realistic moments combined with lots of laughter. Like it~~~

2. Burlesque

My my my~~~~ Love this a lot… the best cabaret movie so far seen… plot is simple: a country girl who seeks fame for herself, landing herself in a club called Burlesque, sang her way to stardom, was in a complicated relationship which turns good in the end and save Burlesque from bankruptcy… Simple, yet the cabaret performance was splendidly drew all over the scene.

Song piece that I love, especially the lyrics is none other than “Haven’t seen the last of me” sang by Cher. She sang beautifully, with emotions pouring out of her. You felt the vibe, the energy and the inspiring moment… all when you heard her sing. You could say that this song was made for her exclusively. I bet nobody could sing like her, such a nightingale. As the only movie clip that has the full song is quite dark, I will just show you the one with the lyrics…

You know that Malaysia’s movies that contains sexual indications will be taken out, right? What I love about this song is it is playful yet still could go through all the process without being censored. Love the pearly dress-up as well…


The rest of the songs are good as well… you could check them all out in Youtube. just type in Burlesque and you should be able to see all of their movie clips ^O^


1. TGI Friday @ Queensbay Mall

Gave Chee Leng a treat for her help getting my new job. We had a Friday’s Three for all, Sizzling Chicken & Shrimp and Candied-Orange margarita.

2. PHOP @ Queensbay Mall


3. Agua @ Straits Quay

For Daddy’s birthday (well, one day after), we went for Agua @ Straits Quay. Had a savoury feast that filled our tummy to the max.







Spicy Sweet Pepper & Tomato soup





Mushrrom Paprika, Taragon and CreamBaba GanoushAlbondigas (Savoury Tomato sauce with meat balls)




















Creme brule with dark chocolate, berries, strawberry with strawberry ice-cream

 Don’t forget the drinks we had as well. Dad had the Morrocan mint tea, me the apple lemonade and Brother double shot of expresso.




Morrocan Mint Tea Apple LemonadeDouble-shot expresso


Orange slices with Red wine, cinammon and clove


The stated dishes below are the main courses we had.

Mousakka (Ratatouille Type with lamb meat served with savoury salad without creamy dressing)

Pork Medallions

the fish dish


Desserts-wise, we had ORANGES IN CARAMEL WITH RED WINE, CLOVES AND CINNAMON and something like creme brule but with dark chocolate, strawberry, berries and strawberry ice-cream…

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