… Quite different…

What? It has been like second week of my new job. Initially, i was already told that I would need to follow the public holiday and the working hour of the countries that I am supporting.

My bad for not checking the calendar before I agreed to come into work on the 1st of february. Therefore, i already had my heart prepared for not being able to celebrate CNY, although it is not like i am getting any red packets anyway…

Unexpectedly, I was told to go along with Malaysian public holidays and working hours until further notice. Better still, on the eve of CNY, we were even allowed to go back 1 hour earlier. Woohoo~~~~

The ambience and environment are all quite new to me. During my previous work, i was in a team; yet as my partner and I (yes, only “partner” without s) were in charge of different area, it seems like we were owners of respective areas. This time, it was really in a team, no doubt. a team of maybe 20 (have yet to count those in Barcelona yet)

Other than that, i eat with my team members here more often  than then. Most of us are in either the Tiger year or the Rabbit year. Mostly, Rabbit year… Also, seems like the pace is slower here than then. I remembered the first when I walked a bit faster, a colleague enquired me whether i was famished. LOL

The systems here are also definitely different from before. i was a bit stressed at the beginning; but, now, a bit better. Hopefully, i could handle it… that is all for now…

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