Hooray and Ouch~~~ (17-23 Jan 2011)

Monday (17 Jan 2011) : My fellow colleagues were so kind to treat me for my farewell. I really had no idea upon their enquiries. Perhaps I was still dumbfounded by the Friday Lunch at Azuma. ^^ So, one of my colleague drove us to a restaurant called ” Double Good”. I think they should change their name to “Triple Good” as the food there were extremely delicious…  There were three signatures dishes that anyone ought to order, which are “San Bei Ji” which means 3 glass chicken, the Indonesian Prawn and the Beancurd with special sauce. He ordered an additional vegetable dish as well.

 My my~~~ Really fell in love with the Indonesian Prawn. Scrumptious and fresh prawns soaked in creamy yet savoury sauce… Just the sauce itself would make you go gaga over it…

San Bei Ji was marvellous. The just-right saltines with the aroma of rice wine just makes your mouth waters. The quantity of the wine will not make you drunk, but it really help your appetite to grow and all warm inside when you sink your mouth onto the tender chicken… Hmmmm…

And have you ever eaten steamed egg before? Could you imagine the same texture and taste in a beancurd? Without the sauce itself, I was already in heaven… The silky texture and the oh so taste-alike steam egg is just plain superb… Although I read an article that advises us to stay off rice (lesser, you might say), I just could not resist myself from asking for another bowl of rice… (^O^)

Wednesday (19 Jan 2011): We went out for lunch. A place called “Yu Choo”. The dishes are quite okay; but, that did not matter much as we finally could gather again (briefly… 1 hour only), but it is the first time in 2011 that we could all hang out together and catching up – Kim, Yin Men, Hooi Lin, Saw Im, Yu Ying and I. We did asked Jack to come along. Unfortunately, his schedule did not permit him to do so.

Saturday (22 Jan 2011): Karaoke time~~~~ Yippee~~~6 of us went (Kim, Yin Men, Jack, Yu Ying, Joan and I) to Queensbay Neway for the morning session. Food, drinks and salad buffet are provided. We sang from 1100 to 1500 and they were awesome. Kim sang “xing bu liao qing” and captured my heart instantly. I just could not fall in love anymore than that. ^^ Then Jack and Yin Men had several duets. Cool~~~ Jack definitely had the voice to sing Wu Bai’s songs… Electrifying~~~~ Joan had a pretty voice too… ^^

Sunday (23 Jan 2011): It is hooray for all the posts above and now it is the ouch time… Yes, the first painful and embarrassing event of 2011. I will just skip all those embarrassing details and keep the story short: I fell face down and had bruises and scratches on my knee, leg and elbows… Trying in vain to rub those off… (TOT)

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