The Best and the Worst (14-16 Jan 2011)

Remember the milo advertisement that shows numerous sumo wrestlers wanted to cramp into a small mini cooper-like vehicle? That was how Friday, Saturday and Sunday were for me. ^^

Friday (14th Jan 2011): My my~~~ I never went for lunch for so long an hour before. 3… woah~~~ Our supervisor will (okay, the tense that I should use now is “had”) left us, going back to headquarter to take up another role. 14th was his last day; hence, we went to Azuma for lunch. Again, I had the most. The funniest thing is that Kenny predicted me like a piece of paper. Haha… who could blame me since salmon is on promotion? (n_<) I had the butter terriyaki salmon set, the salmon sashimi, grilled salmon in sweet soy sauce, salmon sushi, unagi sushi and kappa maki. No pictures as I forgot 😛

Saturday (15th Jan 2011): I had an orientation training. It was initially scheduled at 1100; however, I said that I would go there the earliest I could. Perhaps she thought I was just joking and was surprised – I came in earlier than she was.

Breakfast sucks though. Really sucks! I never tasted anything that was just plain horrible. If I did not purchase a milo mocha, I would had been in intense agony, having to sink my teeth into those two devilish sweet but extremely horrible pandan muffins. Eeeew~~~~

Hence, the orientation ended early, just around 0930 max. I was on a mission though – to buy movie tickets for “Great Day”. Tay Yeng said I should had book them first, which I did not. Oh well, I will just try my luck and Lady Luck was definitely at my side. I got the tickets eventually, after wandering aimlessly and had a 6 minutes massage. Later on, did I knew that I was indeed very lucky as I was not stopped by the security at all from entering the building, Queensbay Mall in the wee morning. While waiting for Saw Imm, Tay Yeng and I went to have a bite – the Famous I love Yoo soya bean and porridge. Yum~~~ No pictures though… 😛

The only flaw during the movie is that Saw Imm misunderstood my message and came late. I know I am bad, showing my ugly face, but I just could not helped myself. The previous experience gnawed at me. Poor her, but I cannot miss anything on-screen. My bad~~~ then, she had to leave right after the movie, so left only Tay Yeng and I. We went shopping at Nichii and both of us bought something. I hope she would be buying either one tomorrow~~~ Then, we had pancakes and western food at Paddington House of Pancakes (PHOP). Nice, but again, my bad… too much honey at the end was quite unbearable. Here are the photos that were taken then:

PHOP Dollar Pancakes with marshmellow, nuts, honey and ice-cream (744)

Flat white or white flat... plus the pancakes only RM7.90 (not inclusive of 16% tax yet)

Tay Yang had this. Don't know the name though... (n_<)

Cappucino... ^^

Arrived safely at home, Dad took me out for dinner. We went to the food court near Heng Yee high school for loh bak and ice-kacang. I also ordered a glass of iced red bean milk. Yum~~~

Then, tonnes and tonnes of clothes poured heavily down on me. I found lots of treasures buried deep within. Hehe… more concubines to my collection… (winks)

Sunday (16th Jan 2011): Started to try out all those treasures I received yesterday night in the wee morning. Then, went for wantan mee and dim sum with Dad. Later on, Brother and I went for bowling. Yippee~~~ Had 1 strike and 2 spares in the first game with 54 points and the second game with 53 points… Not bad, I would say? Brother achieved 64 in the first and 95 in the second. 95?! Wow~~~~ After that, we went to Gurney as he needed to buy something for his friend. We went to Pastamania for lunch… Not bad…

Pastamania's Mushroom Roasted Chicken set (inclusive of carbonated drink and soup of the day) RM15.90 - no tax

Chocolate Mousse... Moo~~~

At night, Dad took me to Khoon Heang at Jalan Dunlop. We had fish, chicken and vegetables. Here are the photos as promised:

Fried Ang Sai with sweet and sour sauce (Dad says this fish is better to be steamed... did not tell me earlier~~~ (TOT))

Stir-fry kailan... yum~~~

Sambal Chicken... nice~~~~

Now sleepy already. That is for all for those 3 days. ¡Hasta luego!

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