Close Call

There were times that people think I am over confident in certain matter – about NZ in particular… “You sure believe you will get in, don’t you? What if you fail this time?” I said, “Well, I’ll just keep on trying until I’m 30!” They thought I was a wanderer, a person ready to cave in under quicksand.

Though a tad wavered, seeing things now in a different perspective, I waded through those uncertainty and just dove my head into the same goal, same dream of being in that land of greenery and beauty…

Being the happy-go-lucky me, it is with the same spirit that I went with the application, even the speed, I reckon so that every little detail is carefully being placed. It is actually a close call for me, a miracle even to some people. But right beforehand, hours before, my stomach was in a knot, but only gives in to happy, positive thoughts.

Now is really the waiting time… the period of waiting, oh… what agony… praying though that all will go sailing smoothly.  


See the World in a better Light

Have you ever been told that you always view the world the better way? If yes, do keep it up…

At times, there maybe doubts thrown at you and you be swayed; but do ensure it just a glimpse fluttering by…

Perhaps some would brand you as dreamer, moron, idealist or a fugitive running away from the harsh, cold reality…. Maybe they are correct in certain way… but is it not better to think and feel that the world is much better? True that war and violence are surrounding us… Cheats, criminals and heartless opportunists… Do not be distraught thinking that all are the same as they are not (unless you really hate all until it bore in the marrow of oneself…

A thought triggered by a conversation with a dear someone. For all that is worth, please enjoy the following video and see the world better! ^^

What was that?

Is it a scheming plan just to get me used

Taking advantage of the unknown feeling that i had in my heart

My admiration, my devotion to steer me in the path that you want me to be?


I was gullible, most likely

Innocently thinking that i was doing it for your sake

Or it would ruin you in ways that i am scared of

I was then confined in a world that you were always good…

the image that rooted deep down


Later, i found out the awful truth

but realization of the love embedded in my heart

Would not allow me to go back to the world when you do not exist

With that, helplessly i trot down the same path that you set me on to embark

Endlessly until perhaps, I could break away from the spell that you cast upon me

those years before my world is with you


(an analogue designed for a character of a story)

Whiff of a thought

Long did we knew of the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet…

How Romeo hastily killed himself upon seeing dear Juliet in bed of roses, no breath of life…

When Juliet rose and found out the bitter truth and committed suicide in the name of Love…

That is the tragic to it all… but… in a way, they died beautifully…

Recently, I watched yet another couple, bombarded under all sorts of taboo

Preyed upon with prejudice and judgmental eyes, rebelling against each other

All those fights and poisonous words ending up with honest and heartfelt truth of Love

Only when death is approaching soon to give them a ride

in bodies that are full of scars physically in areas visible and not…

Only then they see the loyalty, the desire to protect and the longing to be one…

How sad is that, compared to Romeo and Juliet?

At least, at least, they died beautifully, knowing all the time that they were loved by each other

And not at the brink of death with incomplete bodies…

Realizing too late a truth that should be utter when they had the chance too…

But sometimes, action speaks louder than words…

in silence, perhaps they knew… what is being said in their mind and soul


Which is better?

Wow… I abandoned my blog for a month already. I am sorry, blog~~~

But… this is just a place for me to pour out my heart about anything, just like some kind of public diary, which perhaps not many read anyway…

Back to the topic. Recently there were two movies that I watched concerning parallel dimension… Romantic, of course, which are “The lake House” and “Edge of the Garden”… The Lake House is a difference of several months while Edge of the Garden is 50 years apart… Truth be told, I am most comfortable thinking of several months apart than years, although both were quite touching… At least you can be with the one you love… 50 years apart, if not for the story, we might most probably think that either the guy or gal is scheming something, sucking the life out from their partner… Even if it is acceptable, the fear of losing your lover due to age gap is still quite hurtful…

But story line wise,  I prefer Edge of the Garden… although I did cursed the wretched husband of the 60’s. In that time, women seems timid or so called obedient. When they are treated harshly, they just accepted their fate. The husband even had the guts to treat her as an object, making sure no man goes near her and being ridiculously obsessed with her. When his wife is sick, he does not seems to fear losing her and asked the doctor to just prescribe something for his-so-called rashes. Crazy and should-be-dead guy…  which gladly the bastard did eventually after the hero changed history. Woohoo!

I would not say the ending was great, but is acceptable in life. Although the love is there, the heroine got on with her life and found a man who cherish her 50 years back… That at least had herself a grand-daughter of the hero’s age and maybe the love will blossoms between them instead… Love the quote, “And now you must live yours. Walk in the garden and see where it will lead you”

As for The lake House, I absolutely love the architecture. It is simply breathtaking. And Keanu Reeves in it? Major bonus… Likewise, both love stories are good… ^^

Christmas Year 2011

Last Christmas, we managed to have lunch and bowl and the number was okay; this year, everyone seems to have their own plans already: One went to Kuala Lumpur for shopping centers conquest; another had family one-day trip; yet another is still in New Zealand enjoying a different feel of Christmas… that would kinda means a zero-plan for me. At least that was what I thought. LOL

SM, she was the first one to not believe it. But seriously, I had none at that time… then BOOM! came in the first invite. CL told me about a gift exchange and Christmas celebration with her gang and asked if I would like to join. Bought the gift in a haste, but not going in the end.  I did have the present sent though via CL since we did meet before the event… I was sure they were having a blast there via the call she made yesterday night ^^

Shortly before Christmas, I messaged YC and in came the second invite. We met in Queensbay for lunch in dragon-i… it sure brought memories from Uppekha. Reason? We stayed there for a straight four hours! ROFL… And oh my, lots of souvenirs and presents for me! The funniest moment of that is definitely when she told me her fiancée seems (to me) a bit jealous with my goodie bag. Haha ^O^ Maybe we did get glances all throughout the period… LOL… it was like in the dramas where every table near the main characters always change with high speed but not us. LOL

YC and I

My goodie bag's contents

Next, is my dear old friend whom I don’t know… last met 6 months or so? We met in 1st Avenue, YM and I… this time it was in Sakae Sushi. Again, it took us around 4 hours too… if this time, i received the murderous glance, i will surrender since we both are occupying a table for four… 😛 Not to say shocked, but she nagged on my well, eating habits. “Can you finish them all?!”, “Finish these first before ordering others” and keep repeating “you are getting bigger already” but it was still fun hanging around, sharing future plans and all… ^^

YM and I

After the lunch, I met CL for movie: Sherlock Holmes. It was a good show no doubt, but i think I dozed off a few moments… Reason? I have no idea, but this was my second time doing so… first was with Arthur Christmas… then we went shopping and then pursued dinner at Old Town Coffee. No photos were taken though…. Oh, what would she think?

1 more surprising and heart-warming event: I received an unexpected call, from LB… called to ask if we could meet. As the time and place is inconvenient, Alas! we did not meet… but the mere thought itself is what counts the most… ^^

Property, Vehicle and Virginity

B: Hi. Are you Ms Su?

G: Yes, I am. Are you Mr Du?

B: I am. Nice to meet you. Let’s go there and have a chat.

G: Wait a minute. Before we begin to chat, I think there are a few doubts we need to clarify.  Do you want to talk here or at another place?

B: I like your frankness. Since Miss Su has something to talk about, let us talk here then!

G: Do you have any property and vehicle? If you don’t, I’m afraid we cannot continue our conversation anymore.

B: I have them; however, Miss Su, are you a virgin? If I don’t have any properties now, I might have them a few years later; however, if Miss Su, you are not a virgin, after a few years will you still retain your honour?

G: In the past, I was.

B: Then what if I tell you, I once had a property and vehicle; but, I lost them all in a business venture. I don’t have anything now. Would you still be with me, striving together for a better life (getting a house and car)?

G: Since you don’t have any house or car now, only a fool is willing to marry you.

B: That’s right. Whether you were a virgin before, it doesn’t concern me.

G: If you love me, you will love me for who I am and not that barrier.

B: If you love me, you should also love me for who I am and not my property or car.

G: Are you a virgin?

B: I am not.

G: Then why do you insist on me being a virgin?

B: Do you have any property or vehicle?

G: No, I don’t.

B: Then why do you insist on me having property and vehicle?

G: That’s because you are a man. Man and woman are different. You are a man; hence, you ought to have property and vehicle.

B: Man and woman are different, huh? That is to say that even though I’m not a virgin, you ought to be, correct?

G: Mr Du, I think we cannot continue this conversation anymore. I have to go now. Goodbye.

B: Goodbye. God bless you!


Harsh reality, no doubt… Although it looks like the girl deserves it; but, somehow, it still triggers the idea of men always getting most of the advantages. Or is it really the girl’s fault for making the first pitch? A thought to note…

Imperfection rocks~~~

Although I already know that fact by heart, I realize it deep in heart with a small and yet simple matter: buying a purse.

1st time i bought the purse, I chose a cloth type (they claimed it is the same water proof cloth as the one that people make umbrella out of) which has some cute pictures on it. It has two zippers, which is ideal as I want it to be as flat as possible as it would not attract much attention; however, soon, it became dirty. That was when I figure out that umbrella cloth does not quite suit my needs.

2nd time, I thought of getting one that would not become dirty so easily. I managed to buy the one I want, but there was another flaw. It has only one zipper which separates itself into three within. Yes, it could not be dirty so easily, but it looks very bulky…

3rd time (currently), I bought the third one. It is not really the cloth type and it has two zippers. Should be fine. Only when I returned home, I found out the rope is too small to have my hand in…

So, thus far, I learnt that:

1. Two zipper purse makes it flatter looking

2. Buy purse with the suitable cloth

3. Test the rope before purchasing

If I bought the perfect one right from the start, most probably I would not figure all those three out; hence, imperfection still rocks!! Oh yeah!!!! (~^O^~)

It is okay perhaps to recall some memories??

It has been 1 year plus since the demise of my mother. though my dad did not mentioned about her more than beforehand, i am actually glad that mom still has some traits for us to remember…

At times, we might think she was a difficult person to live with… Perhaps the most mind-boggling person in the world. There were times that we would eat-out and she would not go out. That is fine. We asked her whether she wants anything and she said no; however, when coming back, she would complained that we bought nothing for her. And when we do, she said “why did you buy for me?” Yes, she was that kind of person.

Living with her is like heaven and hell combined together. If you learn of the right ways, you will survive. I am the fortunate one. Anyhow, I am still grateful that she left us with memories to remember her. It should sustain us for several years…

Mom, wherever you are now, I hope you are happy.

Accidental found usage for a Shoe Box Cover

Cockroaches lurking around or in your house or even room? Ways to kill or get rid of them:

a) use pesticide

b) use the cockroach house

c) kill them with a newspaper

Problem with using pesticide is that it is chemical. Long term usage might not only be hazardous to your own self, but towards the environment as well. Using cockroach is better, I guess… but to imagine hearing hundreds or thousands of cockroaches sticking in one house, whereby perhaps the scurrying feet could be heard just give me goosebumps. Newspaper is okay; however,  squashing them to pulps seems to be the worst thing that could happened.

So if you enjoy hunting them down without putting their slimy liquid on your hands, just take a well covered shoe box cover, track them down and close the lid on them. Then, drag the box carefully to the edge and get them out of the house… ^^ An accidental found usage for it. Try if you want ^O^